Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yummy Breakfast Burrito



This is what I had for supper tonight.  I had a craving for a lot of protein that was easy to digest and quick to fix.  My husband is out of town on business.  My child is recovering from a tummy bug and was not really hungry.  So, I was left to fend for myself.  I decided to just have a yummy breakfast burrito! 


This is what I used:  2 teaspoons butter divided, 3 yard eggs scrambled, 1/2 onion very small dice, 1/4 yellow bell pepper very small dice, 3 strips bacon, 3 Tablespoons refried beans, 1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese, 1 large jalapeno cheddar tortilla, salt to taste.


I did my mise-en-place before I started to cook because everything cooks really fast. The bacon was already cooked.   This meal came together in a few minutes.  This is why I used two different pots.  One for the eggs.  One for the onions and peppers and beans with cheese.


I add the beans and salt to the onions and peppers immediately.  I like the crunch! 


I have the bacon and the tortilla going for 30 seconds covered in the microwave across the kitchen as…


I cover the eggs to finish them cooking and…


add the cheese to the refried bean mixture to melt!  You have to be able to multi-task to fix this meal!


The cheese melts in seconds – yum!!!  Time to assemble!


I have the bacon on the bottom.  Then the layer of the bean mixture.


Then the eggs!!!  This monster required a knife and fork.  Picking it up and man-handling it was not an option!  Trust me – it was delicious!!!!


  1. Nothing beats breakfast for dinner! (Except maybe a breakfast burrito.)

  2. I eat eggs morning, noon and night. This looks delicious and perfect for when you're cooking for just yourself.

    Hope your little angel is feeling better soon.