Monday, April 26, 2010

Kristy's Colorado Green Pork Chili

I had a craving for some green pork chili and I listened to that craving and made one the other day!  I know this is not a Cajun, nor a Colombian dish - but I like it!  I got the recipe from a good friend, Kristie Moss, from Colorado - she gave me advice on how to make it without tomatoes and it is wonderful!  I do admit that it is on the picante side and William will not eat it - and that is ok with me - I make it in large batches about twice a year.  I then freeze it in single serving containers for me and my sister to enjoy!  Today, I tweaked it again myself - partly because I never write down recipes and I lost the original, and because I always change recipes each time I make a dish.  I know the following differences this time are:  I added a beer, agave nectar, flax seed, and sweet potatoes.  I like the way it turned out and it didn't change the outcome all that much - except for the sweet potatoes - which I love, so it is ok.  I love this recipe because it is a slow-cooker recipe - so I do a bit of prep and then toss everything in the slow-cooker and let it do its thing!


Here are the things I put in the Chili - for the most part - I thought of other stuff as I made the dish - of course...  2 LBS Pork Small Dice, 6 Small Cans Mild Diced Green (Hatch if possible) Green Chilies (I had a variety of brands and used them up), 8 Serrano (Jalapeno work really well, too - I just happen to have Serrano) Chilies Seeded Small Dice, 1 Medium Can Green Enchilada Sauce, 2 Onions Small Dice, 1 Shallot Small Dice (because I had it - not necessary - could use another onion), 1 Head Garlic Minced, 1 Light Beer, 1/3 Cup AP Flour, 1/3 Cup Olive Oil, 2 Sweet Potatoes Peeled Small Dice, 5 Red Potatoes Small Dice.


Dice up the pork and salt it and then brown it really well in a heavy bottom pot with the olive oil.  Brown the onion and shallot in the pot with the pork.  Add the flour and cook for about 5 minutes or so until golden brown and delicious!


Add the beer to the pot and stir well and scrap up all the good brown bits from the bottom of the pot.  Add water if necessary to get all the good stuff off of the bottom!!!  While all this was browning - I hope you were opening cans and chopping potatoes and tossing them into a slow cooker!!!


Did we talk about spices yet????  Ummm - didn't think so....  Here we go!


I add Cumin and Oregano to taste.  I add Agave Nectar for a bit of sweetness and to cut the heat.  And I add ground up flax seeds for the added nutritional value!!!


Here we have a nice full slow-cooker ready to simmer for hours and hours until the pork is super tender and all the flavors have mellowed and melded together!!!  I let this mixture stew for 8 hours.  I ate some for supper with fresh baked corn bread - and let me tell you it was some good!  I was able to store the leftovers in 7 - 2 cup containers in the freezer for me and my sister to enjoy later.  We enjoyed one a couple days later with another batch of cornbread - and it was really yummy!!!  A cup is a nice size appetizer portion! - 2 Cups would be a nice entree portion. 

 A big thanks to my friend Kristy in Colorado for a lovely Green Pork Chili recipe!!!  Please try it - you will really like it!


  1. It sounds delicious! Kind of like a salsa verde chili. Must try this one.

  2. Welcome back, my friend!!! I was not liking your absence from your blog. I am so used to our old fashioned ground meat, red chili that I never even thought of making one green with pork meat....

  3. This is something completely different, hun!!!! I have been piddling in my garden - too beautiful outside not to be there - but the heat and humidity are sending me back in quick like for sure!

  4. I love chili! Perfect for a cold night! You should really consider submitting this to Recipe4Living's Champion Chili Recipe Contest! It looks delicious!