Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cauliflower Soup to Pacify Pierre

As you know, Pierre has taken up residence in my gall-bladder and will be removed on Tuesday - not soon enough - if you ask me.  So, I have been forced to eat bland food.  But, you know - bland does not have to be boring!!!!!  Take a gander at that lovely soup!  It was a feast for the eyes and tantalizing to the taste buds to boot!  And, I am feeling rather energized from all of the wonderful vitamins and nutrients I am getting as part of the deal - I am also eating a great deal of raw fruits at this time - not that I normally don't - but the amount has definitely increased with the reduction of chocolate - sniff, sniff.


This is what I started off as thinking of as the ingredients of the soup.  My sister had brought me about 3 cups cauliflower specifically to make a soup.  I definitely HAVE to put in a medium onion, small diced, and a clove of garlic, minced.  I had cilantro on the counter from making changua, so I chopped up a good 1/2 cup to add at the end.  I love potatoes so I cubed up about 3 cups and added them to the list.  I put in 2 boxes of Chicken Broth because I add it in all my soups instead of water - all that added flavor it provides is so wonderful.  This group of ingredients seemed to make Pierre happy.


I chopped up my vegetables and threw them into the pot.   Then, I remembered I needed to add salt, so I did, about a tablespoonful - potatoes do like their salt!    


I took a look in that pot and thought - goodness - it needs a bit more color in there.   I looked in my icebox and found some carrots.  I chopped up a couple of them and into the pot they went. 

The soup then looked pretty enough, but was smelling a little tame.  I looked around and there - sitting on the counter was a beautiful hunk of ginger!  I peeled some and grated about a teaspoon of the wonderful stuff directly into the simmering soup with my micro-plane (man, I love that gadget!). 

While the soup was simmering, I boiled some yard eggs so that I could have some protein to go with the soup that would be easy to digest.  I did give the yolks to the puppies - Pierre does not like any form of fat.  You know what I find interesting - even the whites of yard eggs taste better than the whites of conventional eggs...


I am just adding more photos of the finished soup to reiterate just how wonderful it really was.  Bland food does not have to be boring!!!  I am glad I made enough to eat some for a couple of days...  it tasted better on the second day for lunch!


  1. mmmmmm this is so pretty!!!!! I may miss Pierre with his palate and all, Really, good luck with your surgery. Can't wait till you are better to see what you will share with us once again.

  2. Pierre is gone - and not a moment too soon! I am resting comfortably and look forward to cooking and posting soon. Time for another nap!

  3. Cant wait to try this in a few months when the garden is overflowing! :)